Sorry Ladies…

That’s right. Lt. Lemon is officially off the market. He was married, Saturday, at an undisclosed location. Captain Chaos was by his side, along with a few other TRUE fire service Brothers. A large crowd of family and friends attended, and an epic reception followed…in true, ELAFF style. The Lt. and Mrs. Lemon are headed off the grid for a week. He has some good stuff planned once he returns…including an ELAFF road trip and a product review. Plus, there will probably be some inspirational rants.

Stay tuned and stay safe.


7 responses to “Sorry Ladies…”

  1. Mrs. Chaos says :

    Congrats you two! And welcome to the world of firefighting spouses Mrs. Lemon. I must say, Cpt Chaos and Lt Lemon look pretty snazzy!


  2. Rhett Fleitz says :

    Nobody was there but a lemon… and chaos ensued…


  3. Rhett Fleitz says :

    Congrats on the wedding!


  4. sbfd551 says :

    I hope that some excessive use of leather accessories took place…it after all just seems appropriate …;)


    • captainchaos01 says :

      HA! Yeah lemon! You DID use a bunch of leather didnt you? Oh please describe in full detail, were all on pins and needles!


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