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I’m Back!

This is Lt. Lemon; I’m back. After a short sabbatical to get away from the blogosphere, it is time to resume writing venting and feeding your intellect. Sure, I only wrote two real articles before taking a break, but it’s my blog and I’ll rest when I want to. It’s always nice to take a short leave from the firehouse when the idiocy becomes overwhelming; the blogosphere is no different. Now, I’m ready to get back to resisting the mainstream and raging against machines, laziness, and poorly executed authority.

So, what’s been happening since my last article? Well, premature promotions are still standing, and I’m still standing against them. The Anti-Morale Division continues to exercise favoritism and ignorance through their decisions and opinions and I continue to ignore them. You may ask, “Lemon, how can you simply ignore so many decisions and opinions?” The answer is simple. Here at ELAFF HQ, the viewpoints of many tend to lean towards stupidity, even borderline absurdity, and the easiest opinions to ignore are the stupid opinions. Feel free to post that quote on your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or other social networking account. I think it’s intellectual gold on par with Steinbeck and Twain. As a matter of fact, I’m putting that in my book. Yes…I’m writing a book…more on that later.

For my next article, I’ll be turning away from my typically sensitive topics, which aim to stir up discussion and change.I’m working on a few articles which may be easier to handle. They will still be critical of certain actions and tendencies, but they will be more lighthearted and won’t leave the bitter taste of animosity like my first two articles. As always, this blog should be an open forum of discussion. If you’d like to argue, suggest a topic, voice a concern, or even submit a guest post, feel free to leave a comment here or email us at: Don’t forget to visit us on FB, that’s where this all began.
-Lt. Lemon

Size ups and You: Getting the job started right

If you are reading this article, then you probably already have a really good idea as to why initial on-scene size ups are important. But humor me, for a small fraction of your time, and let’s have a discussion on Initial scene size up, and why its an important tool in the ol tool box. How many times, By JEEBUS HOW MANY TIMES, have you listened to the radio and heard an initial size up go something like this: ” Engine two ninety-six dash eight point three on scene, working fire.” And as you sit there, on the edge of your seat as though watching the kick off to the biggest super bowl in known history, that’s it. That’s it? What on earth just happened? ¬†We saw it! He just kicked the ball, and it never dropped out of the sky into the waiting arms the receiver! Rewind! REWIND! Where did the ball go? It’s just floating out there somewhere in limbo! If you have ever done this, given a two-word size up of a working fire, this is exactly what has happened. But there is no receiver waiting to catch a sun baked pork loin to run it down a field. There are other trucks, full of men and women dashing to your location to put their safety on the line. Those brothers and sisters are coming and have no clue whats going on, other than there is a fire. Now, granted, ten seconds ago so were you. But now, there is already a plan of action on the way, and all others en-route have no clue what it is. When I am riding the rig, or driving it, my mind is already working toward what needs to be done. I like to think about priorities, water supply, and the conditions I am currently presented with. I like to fill in as many blanks as I can, before I get there. Obviously, the size up cannot go on for five minuets, but the more relevant information I can get, the better prepared I am going to be to perform during that first 5 mins.There are tons of extremely smart guys out there who can hear an address and no matter if its their first due area, or 25th due area, know ” oh that’s a residential area, full of single story 800- 1200 square foot homes”. Unfortunately, I am not one of them, and im sure there are many like me. I like to know what im rolling up on, especially if there is already a unit on scene getting the game plan together. Dont be selfish with the radio waves, but don’t sound silly either. I don’t want to know the color of the house, or size of the tree in the front yard. Just give me an idea of whats going on. Id like some readers tell me what your department does as far as initial radio transmitted size ups? Please don’t read this and leave it chicken turd! Dont use your real name if you don’t want to! Just help continue the discussion! Put yourself in that 2nd or 3rd due engine, with that first “working fire” size up. What are you thinking? What would you LIKE to know? Now, lets say you’re in that same engine, and instead hear a size up that goes more like this ” Engine two ninety-six dash eight point three on scene, Two story light frame residential, Heave smoke pushing from the D side, heavy fire on the A D Corner. Going into a offensive mode.” Does this size up give you any better of an idea of whats going on? Should there be more said, or maybe less? Do you think it even matters? The Chaos what you think!


Stay safe out there leather heads!

-Captain Chaos

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