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“I Don’t Feel Like It”

halligan-doorWhen it comes to avoiding work, training, or other activities; people come up with a variety of excuses. One of the weakest is that “I don’t feel like it.”

Humans are creatures of comfort who seek stability through monotony. Yet, self-improvement usually requires some uncomfortable action. If you plan on waiting until you “feel” like doing something to better yourself , you’ll never do it. Rarely will you “feel” like eating healthier foods, starting a new fitness routine, or cleaning up the dirty tools on the rig. Our human nature sways us away from endeavors of dirt and sweat and toward the safety of a couch and the warm glow of an electronic screen. To avoid complacency, we must push ourselves past that level of comfort.

Instead of waiting for the right mood to strike you, force yourself to push into uncomfortable territory and take the first step. Identify your weaknesses and take the action necessary to strengthen those points. The first steps are difficult , but once you establish a routine it becomes normal and comfortable. Soon you’ll see signs of improvement in yourself, adding motivational fuel to your existential fire. Before long, what was once an uncomfortable task will become part of your regular routine. Of course, then it is time to push even farther. The path to improvement is never-ending, paved with discipline, and marred by the potholes of excuses.

Drive on and do good work.

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