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Reading Assignment – 8 10 13


Here’s the extra long list to make up for a couple of weeks without posting:

  1. The Battle Can – Gary Lane, Fire Service Warrior
    “Let’s examine one of the most seemingly disliked and “low fun factor” duties we have… Carrying the 2 1/2 gallon pressurized water extinguisher, or ‘The Can.'”
  2. My Favorite Street Photographer Is A Fireman From Camden – Chris Nieratko, VICE Magazine
    “New Jersey’s own Gabe Angemi is a skateboarder with a cellphone. Gabe is a second-generation fireman in one of the poorest and most dangerous cities in America: Camden, New Jersey. The photos he posts on his Instagram are an unflinching look at the human (and often inhumane) conditions that exist in the once great city that Walt Whitman called home and often wrote so romantically about.”
  3. Interior Fire Attack, Advancing the 1 3/4″ With Door Control LA County FD 
    A video published by LACoFD for internal training on their new door control SOP. A good look at how one large department has adapted to developments in fire behavior research. You don’t have to implement these exact procedures in your department, but it is worth watching for consideration.
  4. Options for Stretching a Triple-layer/Triple-fold Crosslay in Tight Spaces streetsmart firefighter
    “Here is an option for pulling a 200′ triple fold rackline in a confined space.  This is used when you have to pull the line parallel to the engine.”
  5. Shining Examples of “REAL” Brotherhood – Ryan Royal,
    “…I am here to say I have been recharged and my outlook on the current level of brotherhood around my department has been lifted into a very positive perspective. Its NOT dead yet…not if we have anything to say about it.”
  6. Execution of Excellence – Dave LeBlanc, Backstep Firefighter
    “The execution of excellence should be a goal for every Fire Department.  Every time we hit the street, we should be doing so with the knowledge and training to allow us to operate at the top of our game.”
  7. Do Not Post Unless You Would Publish in the Paper – Frank Ricci, Fire Engineering
    “Social media is a great tool to get your message out and share thoughts and ideas, just ensure you use it responsibly.”
  8. Blame it on the Stars – Pete Sulzer, Fire Service Warrior
    My latest full-length article, hosted on Fire Service Warrior.
  9. Ground Ladder Tips – Matt Hinkle, MS Fire Net (Youtube)


Blame it on the Stars

My latest full-length article, “Blame it on the Stars”, is up on the Fire Service Warrior main-site.



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