Weekly Re-cap 5/14/11

If you aren’t a fan of ELAFF over on Facebook, here are a few posted items you missed this week:

1. Cee Lo Green sang “Thank You” to firefighters(including his mom)

2. Our new contributor, Captain Chaos, has a Facebook page.

3. Brian Brush gave a moving speech to a group of new fire recruits.

(Hat Tip to the Fire Critic)

4. There was a fantastic post on The Tailboard discussing the need for officers to have knowledge AND experience before being promoted. Click the link to check it out! (I will have a post on this topic up soon.)

5. Finally, the folks making the Burn documentary of Detroit firefighters posted newly captured footage from this past winter.

Myself and Captain Chaos will have some new posts up this week. Until then, spread the word and stay safe! (If you haven’t read our previous posts, you should do that now…thanks!)


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