Weekend Update 8/28/11

Hey, Leather-freaks!

Hopefully all of you East Coasters survived the earthquake/hurricane combo. Here is a quick update on what’s new at ELAFF HQ.

-Lt. Lemon posted an article regarding Radio Traffic Redundancy. It is a fun read, and if you haven’t checked it out…a Sunday afternoon would be a great time to do so. In other words, go read it.

-Lt.Lemon ALSO joined the world of Twitter with the official ELAFF Twitter account, @ELAFFHQ. Captain Chaos is also on “the Twitter”; find him as @CaptainChaos001. Follow both accounts for exclusive ELAFF content and discussions. You can now read the five most recent tweets, right here on the blog. Look in the right sidebar, just under the “Links” section.

-The dynamic duo at Daily 911 Deals introduced their first “deal”, and have since announced their second one. So far they have had some great deals. I suggest you check out the site and subscribe. They recently secured some more deals at FRI, and many will be limited in quantity, so you’ll want to know as soon as they go live.

-Twitter led Lt. Lemon to stumble across a great public education venture in the making. The Firefighter Dan Show, or Dan’s Firehouse, is a kid-oriented animated series that will offer educational safety tips in a fun format. They are still seeking funding, so check out their site and give if you can. Donations start at $1.

-Finally, we are in the preliminary stage of designing a line of ELAFF Gear. We want to develop our product line beyond the ever-successful “Lemon Wedge”. We have created a poll on Facebook to find out what gear you’d like to see. There is also a poll below. You can answer either poll, or both if you wish. 

That’s all for today. Lt. Lemon’s working on a series of articles explaining the origins of ELAFF, and his own story of struggles and perseverance. Look for that soon!

Stay safe, and keep spreading the word about ELAFF!


5 responses to “Weekend Update 8/28/11”

  1. black helemt franklin says :

    i just want to say i love ELAFF, if and WHEN your gear comes out i will be purchasing at least 1 (one) of everything…over time that is but i think thats fantastic…but i aslo have a topic to discuss….RED LIGHTS…whats your thought about Lt. Lemon and STAFF


    • lieutenantlemon says :

      Thanks for the comment. This may be a topic to jump into down the road. We try to cater to all firefighters, but that is obviously a volunteer issue. Maybe Captain Chaos or I can discuss it in the future.


    • captainchaos01 says :

      A fantastic opportunity and idea on a post! No doubt an issue that can raise several peoples blood pressure, and one that I have no problem with jumping onto! I think I will tackle the issue myself, like a lion on a herd of sheep! Stay tuned, the Cap will weigh in!


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