Nobody Special

“When something needs to be said or done, who does it? Nobody.” -Lt. Nobody’s motto

Greetings everyone. This is Lieutenant Nobody and I’ll be the newest contributor to I’m here to add another voice to an already fantastic site. Lt. Lemon and Captain Chaos have done a great job of calling people out and making people think. I plan to be just another voice trying to change the fire service’s status quo. You may be thinking that nobody can change the fire service and I’m here to tell you that you are exactly right… Nobody will change the fire service.

-Lt. Nobody


About lieutenantnobody

When something needs to be said or done, who does it? Nobody.

4 responses to “Nobody Special”

  1. black helmet frank says :

    howdy mr. nobody, welcome aboard such a great site…i cant wait to hear what you have to say about some of the topics that we discuss


  2. Jason says :

    Thanks for leaving the mess in the dayroom Lt. Nobody. And for forgetting to check the bar oil in the vent saw. And for leaving the turd stains in the toilet this morning. I hate you nobody, almost as much as your cohort “Not Me”. (I hope I’m in line with the satire….)


    • lieutenantlemon says :

      I’m not sure that’s what he was going for. I never even considered using it that way, but it works.

      He was thinking along the lines of, “Nobody will stand up to the posers in the fire service.”


  3. Jason says :

    Uh, yeah…(awkward pause)…That’s what I meant too….Carry on and ignore my ignorance!


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